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A New York State Licensed Nail Tech And Esthetician

A New York State Licensed Nail Tech and Esthetician.

Also,  A “Young Living Essential Oil Distributor”Sponsor ID/Member #3569383”

New Nail Polish Line “Jasi Nail Lacquer”

The concept of “Free Your Mind Mobile Spa” was conceived to give clients a way to escape from stress and offer the convenience and peace of mind by getting pampered in the comfort of their home. As a New Yorker, I understand how stressful it can be living in a big city and worrying about if there is available parking near the salon or having to get on the subway.

As someone who frequent the nail salons. I was frustrated with having to wait to be seen or sit in a nail salon that was filled with the odors of all of the nail products. Plenty of times I would have plans for an occasion and found it very stressful and challenging to fit in running errands and going to a nail salon all in the same day. I always thought to myself, it would be so nice, if I could get a manicure and pedicure at my convenience from my home.

For Years I would continue the hustle and bustle of being a New Yorker and stressed out trying to complete all the items on my todo list. Often, I would skip going to a nail salon either because the wait was too long or the salon was closed. Instead, I would do my manicure. I realized it was truly something that I have always enjoyed doing and wanted to make a career of it. My best friend and I would always have discussions on starting a mobile spa business together until finally, I said the time is now. I enrolled in a beauty school to become a NYS Nail Tech and an Esthetician. I worked in different spas and nail salons around the city to gain experience and knowledge of nails and skin care until I was ready to go out on my own.


I called Deirdra of Free Your Mind Mobile Spa because my 83 year old dad was in a car accident in December and can’t walk right now. His toenails were getting pretty long and we needed to have his nails cut at home. I went to Yelp and found Free Your Mind and I am so glad I did!Deirdra called me right back, set an appointment time that was mutually convenient a few days later and then showed up right on time, wheeling her cart full of everything she needed and got to work! The only thing she needed from here was water. We have plenty of that to spare.She is a lovely person, non-intrusive, warm and focused and did a great job on my dad’s hands and feet. I just hired her to do mine at home next week for a family event. She’s even going to bring the sparkly nail polish for me to match my dress! Now THAT’s service.Her prices are reasonable, especially if you add the convenience of not leaving your home (I’ve always hated the wait for nail polish to dry at a salon, much better to be at home where you can sit in the privacy of your own living room!)Thanks Deirdra, we’ll be using your services from now on!-Jessica B.
So as we speak I am having a wonderful ultimate spa pedicure by the lovely deirdra. Total bliss while watching a movie on my own couch. It doesn’t get any better than this.-Sara McGeehan Quinn


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